How to use Chartlog – Success Webinar

Dear traders,

I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s Success Webinar with Aiman, How to Trade Different Types of ABCD Patterns. Right away, we received so much positive feedback. Just the day following the webinar (Thursday, Jan 16), Mark, a trader in our community emailed me and said he had taken three trades that day based on what he learned from Aiman! Read his feedback:

“Good afternoon Andrew,
I just want to give a huge shout out to Aiman for his webinar class last night. As you know I am a new lifetime member and have just recently gone live. I took three trades today all based on a setup, I [k]now feel comfortable with, because of your books, the community’s advice, and Aiman’s insight.

It was the class last night where something really clicked for me. I am limiting my downside with risk controls and playing the high probability setup. Again, I am new and only going to try and master this one strategy for now, but am thankful for all of the support I have from BBT! Great work!

I was glad to read Mark’s feedback and would like to thank Aiman for his contribution to the community!

Our next Success Webinar, scheduled for Wednesday Jan 22 at 8 pm EST, is entitled:

The Journaling Edge; Become A Consistently Profitable Trader Through Journaling. It will be presented by two Bear Bull Traders, Igor and Adrian. This Success Webinar is open to ALL members regardless of level and will be presented in the Classroom instead of the Lifetime Webinar Access room. As always, a recording of the Success Webinar will be available to watch later.

Igor and Adrian are co-founders of Chartlog. Igor is from Switzerland and Adrian is from Chicago. Their story is REALLY interesting. Adrian and Igor met in the BBT chat and somehow began discussing how they might properly learn from mistakes. As it turned out, both are software engineers and both were working on a journaling solution to become better traders! Eventually they began working together. After about a month they decided that other BBT members should benefit from what they had created and posted information about their software to the forum here.

The response from the community was overwhelming and exciting. At this point they started to take things a little more seriously and formed a company. Soon they were conducting regular user interviews and had set up an enterprise solution capable of supporting thousands of users. They adopted and applied regular work hours, SCRUM processes, and product design methodologies to further improve Chartlog.

Currently, over one hundred BBT members use Chartlog software. Overall the sentiment has been extremely positive and people love it. Chartlog has made a huge difference for many traders in their journey. If not for Chartlog, they would still be jotting things down in notebooks they lose, setting up screen recordings during training just to see price action, and failing to properly save those videos.

Do you see the power of community? Two members thousands of miles apart met each other through BBT and have a new venture together. We wish them success and I personally invite all of you to attend next Wednesday’s Success Webinar and learn from their story.

See you in the chat,