Important Webinar for New Traders

We are seeing a crazy market these days. Airlines are selling off and marijuana companies are ripping higher. The market is telling us this: people do not travel anymore but they do smoke pot!

All jokes aside, this week we had an amazing presentation from one of our members, John Hiltz. His talk was entitled: Insights from A Newly Successful Trader. He shared an amazing and inspiring story with us on how when he began trading live, he experienced a horrible first two months (October and November 2019), but for the last few months he has been in the midst of a very promising streak, as set out in the figure below. Everyone needs to listen to John’s presentation. Please do yourself a favor and watch it carefully (over and over!).

Newly Successful Trader

John is not part of the Bear Bull Traders leadership team. He was not hired, solicited or instructed to give this talk. This is a presentation from someone who does not plan to sell you a course, a membership or a mentorship program. John is someone who has been successful at trading and genuinely and sincerely wanted to share with you what he learned, in the hope that you also will succeed. If you did not attend the webinar live, please see the recording and PDF file here.

We are committed to add as much value as possible to the services we offer our members. Each webinar is only about one hour long, but the preparation of a well-thought-out and useful webinar can take ourselves or our guests many hours (if not days). We spend much time on developing these webinars for our lifetime members and we always look forward to receiving your feedback as well as your suggestions for future topics. In BBT, more than spending time on marketing and showing off, we put our time and energy into bringing quality content to our members. We have never aimed to be the biggest and most profitable trading community out there. We want to provide a small, high-quality, boutique-style community for serious traders.

Next week we are hosting Dr. Neda Changizi for our Success webinar on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 8pm ET. Neda is a professor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a personal friend of mine. She has been working in the area of mindfulness for several years and leads weekly classes and courses in Vancouver, Canada. She has changed the life of many of her friends and other people she interacts with. I asked Neda to come and join us, and share some useful and practical mindfulness techniques to help all of us enjoy a trading career free of stress. I am looking forward to her presentation and I hope many of you will be able to attend next Wednesday.

I asked Neda how we can compensate her for her time. She asked for no compensation, and instead suggested that perhaps our community can contribute and donate to a mental health cause related to the current pandemic. She suggested the CanadaHelps COVID-19 Funds donation campaign. I donated on behalf of BBT, and if any of you would like to also contribute, please use this link:

Thank you for reading, and see you in chat!