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Is Santa Claus Rally Happening? 

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Dec 21, 2023

Dear Traders,

This is incredible!

Last week on Friday, the S&P 500 ETF, $SPY, saw its biggest single-day capital inflow on record, at $20.8 billion. Dating back to the ETF’s inception in 1993, this has never been seen.

Total inflows last week alone hit $24 billion, also posting a new record.

On Monday, $SPY saw ANOTHER $10 billion of inflows, putting the total at nearly $35 billion since last Monday.

Everyone was sure the Santa Claus Rally was really happening.

But today, the market experienced a sharp reversal on profit taking with the Dow at all-time highs and the S&P 500 near its all-time high, triggering the broadest sell-off in markets since March.

Brian and I recently discussed how underinvested both of us are, and we’re feeling a serious FOMO.

$QQQ is trading at an all-time high, and SPY is almost at an all-time high. $IWM is still around 10% down below the all-time high, but the market volatility still continues.

Today’s trading was not great for me. As I am recovering slowly from my surgery, I found it more and more difficult to wake up in the morning. I really need to move to an Eastern time zone.

I had a $6,000 loss on $NVDA. I missed trading at the Open and did not manage a good trade on $NVDA and had to take the loss. Watch my recap here.

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Last night, I had a good presentation about VWAP and trading based on it. It was well-attended, and we had great discussions from our recent paper, to trade management based on VWAP and one strategy called “VWAP Squeeze”.

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To your success,