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Jerome Pow is Back: Do 1% Get Even Richer?

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Nov 22, 2021

Dear Traders,

I am back in the Vancouver office after traveling to a few different cities and continents including Toronto, NYC, DC, Doha, Kilimanjaro, and Istanbul. I will be trading from the office until our big meetup in Vancouver + art EDM music event, the latter being put on by some of my friends in the underground music scene. Join us for drinks and appetizers at the Vancouver office, followed by an evening of exceptional music and socializing until 2am at “one of the coolest boutique theatres and private event venues in the city, maybe even the country” (from the imperialvancouver website). The meetup is free, but we do need to have a count, so please sign up HERE. The art event is not free, but tickets are at a low price, and so please sign up for those tickets HERE. Everyone is welcome to both events, members and nonmembers alike!

In the chatroom, Brian, Thor, Jarad, and myself very nicely traded Apple, Tesla, NVDA, and a few other tickers. You can watch my recap HERE and Thor will be posting one soon as well. In addition, please welcome our incredible new leadership team member, Ed Martin. As you will see from the recaps that he is posting, Ed is a great trader, and I am thrilled that he is running a second chatroom inside Bear Bull Traders. Everyone can learn something from Ed, who was one of my early mentors when I began trading. As I reflect back, it is amazing to see how I evolved quite differently as a trader, yet what I learned from Ed is still with me, such as patience (sometimes at least, ha ha), risk management, and detailed analytical thinking.

Today, President Biden reappointed the current Federal Reserve chairman for another term. President Biden praised Jerome Powell for his “decisive” leadership amid the COVID crisis. The market strongly supported the reappointment and has ripped higher. Last year, Ardi bought me this mug, with a picture of JPow on it, and the quote: “Fck Your Puts“. It is a reference to the fact that the more money the Fed prints, the higher the market goes. Some have joked that JPow will not stop until he owns 1% of everything. As a caveat, I am not being serious of course, as the market and macroeconomics are very complex. Nevertheless, for now, thanks, JPow!

This week, American Thanksgiving is on Thursday and the market is closed. Canadian Thanksgiving was in October (I know, it is odd that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on a different date). Friday will be a short trading day, until 1pm ET, so expect the volatility to slow down a little bit. We are skipping some of our regular webinars and events this week as members are enjoying time with their family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this newsletter (except Peter and Brian!).

To your success,