— Joseph M

I joined Bear Bull Traders for the first time a couple of years ago when I first started day trading. I had been a swing trader building my account to the point ($25,000.00) so that I could day trade. I purchased Andrew’s book among a lot of other ones, and found his way of writing and communicating very easy to follow.
Being apart of the chatroom and the BB Traders community really helped me with getting started, and this was before the forum and the extra help Andrew has in the chatroom. After getting going and doing pretty well day trading, I decide to go out on my own without the chatroom.
When the swing trader book came out, I bought it of course. It is a great read.
Not very long ago, I started noticing that after my trading day was over I really had no one to talk about it with and also that I was missing quite a few trades first thing in the morning. These are both things that are remedied by being apart of a great community and a chatroom of like minded individuals.
That being said, I signed back up for BB Traders chatroom. I was very surprised with all of the changes (upgrades), from when I was a previous member, and I was a satisfied previous member.
I have been apart of other chatrooms and other communities. I will say that between Andrew, Brian, and the other very involved and humble members of BB Traders, in my opinion, it is the best community I have been a part of.
Long winded review and the short of it is this.
* If you have not read Andrew’s book and are day trading, you should read it.
* If you are not connected to a community I highly suggest finding one that fits your style. BB Traders fits mine and many others.