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Landed in Dubai!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Mar 8, 2023

Hello Traders,

First things first, I want to thank you all once again for joining our San Diego event this past week! I just got all the photos and I have to admit, it was a fantastic event! Seeing many of you there with your loved ones, and hearing your stories, was refreshing. We are already planning for an event in New York, and so if you have any suggestions, please reply to me here.

I just landed in Dubai! I am here for work and I am also planning to extend my trip to Europe to visit some of our traders and business partners. With this jam-packed trip, I might have to bring the traveling trader series back to YouTube!

At the same time, Brian is on his way to Vietnam for a trip, but first he is spending some time in Japan’s airport, surrounded by robots!

At Bear Bull Traders
Thor and Paras covered for Brian and me this morning, and they executed some very nice trades. The market continued its volatility and Powell testified that he is prepared to speed up the rate hikes if need be! That led to the probability of a 50 basis point rate hike for the March 22nd increase going up from 31% yesterday to 72% today!

Powell’s hawkish stand did not stop our traders from taking advantage of this market volatility. Susan and Mike, two of our mentors at Peak Capital Trading, traded around the Powell talk and took amazing trades on the short side of Meta and Square!

Carlos has put together an amazing video for us explaining one of Paras’s trades from last week using our Trading Terminal Replay feature. It is our first of many “edutainment” videos! Educational and entertaining! Make sure to watch it and show Carlos some love!

At Trading Terminal
Créde Sheehy-Kelly has launched a new course for Trading Terminal called 12 Minutes to Market Ready. In this course, Créde shares how to leverage mental training techniques from sport psychology to help you create your own personalized 12-minute routine to optimize your mental, emotional, and physical state before you enter the market. As many of you know, Créde’s background is in sport and high performance psychology. She shares many gems in this course! Make sure to check it out here.

To your success,

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