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Laptop Giveaway Every Week and We Are so Back!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
May 16, 2024

Dear Traders,

If you woke up and thought it feels like it is 2021, you are not alone. It is feeling like 2021 all over again. Wall Street is on fire, crypto and meme stocks are moving, and so are our investment accounts! SPY and QQQ hit all-time highs today for the 23rd time in 2024 after reports that the Consumer Price Index (inflation) cooled for the first time in six months. The bond market rallied too, as traders are now expecting the Federal Reserve to start lowering the rates in September. For now, I am personally sitting on an $800,000 open position on VOO.

The whole world is suffocating with the high interest rates of the US central bank, and this news is a relief for everyone. Whatever fun we had during the pandemic and the post-pandemic with free money and stimulus are over. Everyone is now paying a hefty price due to the high cost of capital and interest rates. But it seems like it is coming to an end soon and we can slowly breathe.

All my friends in Vancouver are officially broke. One of my best friends, a 40-year-old manager in a construction company, is moving back to live with his parents as he can no longer afford to pay his mortgage. So, it is about time for financial conditions to be eased down by the central banks.

This week at Bear Bull Traders, we had one lucky supporter receive a free trading laptop from me. I plan to do a weekly (or maybe even more often) laptop giveaway for those who for years have supported our YouTube channel and have now helped us hit over 117,000 subscribers.

When I am back from Denali, at least once each week I will do a laptop giveaway for our YouTube subscribers! I will keep an eye on the fans who are engaging our community with the right mindset, commenting and asking the right questions, and ensuring our YouTube community is benefiting everyone.

I also plan to increase the quality of our live pre-market show, and create more engaging content in the fields of 1) high-performance activities, 2) personal finance and intelligence, and 3) success in the financial markets.

But I need your help. I need our community to help me find the right topics and fine-tune our channel. I’ve created a form that I would like everyone to fill out with their ideas for our channel.

Share Your Ideas Now!
Last but not least, we have a full week of educational webinars on technology, strategy, and psychology. Tonight, Jared Tendler, our very own performance coach, will be back, at 8 pm ET, offering the “Uncovering the Root Cause Workshop”.

Many traders have an innate flaw in the way they solve problems like fear, tilt, low confidence, etc. – they don’t look deep enough. To truly correct your costly mental game problems, you must uncover the real cause. We do this in other areas of life – if you have pain while walking you become curious about what’s causing it. You don’t see pain as the problem, pain is the signal alerting you to analyze the situation and uncover the cause of it. Yet, traders don’t do this when analyzing their mental game. They see greed, FOMO, revenge trading, etc., as the problem, when they’re actually a signal. Join Jared and learn how to analyze your mental game and find the real cause of your problems.

If you miss the webinar, the recording will be available to all Elite members, 24/7, in our Education Center.

Join Elite with 50% Off

If you would like to join us and receive one full year of access to the highest quality programs in the trading and investing industry, we are pleased to offer you a 50% discounted price for our Elite annual memberships. I hope to see you in our chatroom!

To your success,