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Upcoming Psychology Webinar

Uncovering the Root Cause Workshop

Date & Time: Wednesday May 15, 2024 —   8:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Jared Tendler

Many traders have an innate flaw in the way they solve problems like fear, tilt, low confidence, etc. – they don’t look deep enough. To truly correct your costly mental game problems you must uncover the real cause. We do this in other areas of life – if you have pain while walking you become curious about what’s causing it. You don’t see pain as the problem, pain is the signal alerting us to analyze the situation and uncover the cause of it. Yet, traders don’t do this when analyzing their mental game. They see greed, FOMO, revenge trading, etc., as the problem, when they’re actually a signal. Come learn how to analyze your mental game and find the real cause of your problems.