— Marcel P

I learned about BBT when I purchased Andrew’s book on Amazon.
Andrew is a great trader and a great teacher. Everything you need to become a successful trader is taught by him, but what will determine your success is your discipline, consistency and risk management skills.
He is a profitable trader and is completely transparent to his students, showing that it is a tough profession but it is indeed possible to be a profitable trader if you are consistent.
My experience has been great so far. After a year on SIM, I have been doing live for a couple of months, slowly increasing share size (which he recommends) and I am earning ~1% a day~ 80% days, losing 1% or less on my red days (20%). The month of march I had $30k in my account and managed to make $2.7k. I am still learning a lot and thriving for consistency but If it wasn’t for this community, I wouldn’t be here.
The community is composed of serious members and committed moderators that are always eager to help and guide.
If you want to make a quick buck and double digit returns per day, I would not recommend this community as our focus is long term consistency. If you want to make a decent above average living out of the profession, interact with like minded individuals and have realistic expectations on it, I definitely would recommend Bear Bull Traders.