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Upcoming Psychology Webinar

Mark Douglas Remembered

Date & Time: Wednesday January 3, 2024 —   8:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Dr. Kenneth Reid

The last time Dr., Reid spoke with Mark, which was several years before he passed, Mark said that he was working on a new book about the spirituality of trading. That remark resonated with Dr. Reid because he understand spirituality as the willingness to be transformed. The willingness to let go of control. The willingness to both surrender and commit to a process that can’t be fully understood and has no guaranteed outcome. Dr. Reid believes trading is transformative and changes us in good ways, if we fully surrender and commit. Here’s a quote from Mark Douglas’s last book, published posthumously by his partner Paula.

“Your ability to produce overall consistent results will depend on you believing that you don’t know the actual reasons why you win, not caring that you don’t know, and not caring that you can’t ever find out. None of this information is necessary to produce consistent results.”

 Join Dr. Reid for a webinar in which you can enjoy and share the profound insights of a trader who speaks to us from the mountain top.