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Master Your Trading & Life with the Five Transformational Practices!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jul 25, 2023

Dear Traders,

What a crazy market we’re experiencing! Yesterday, two of Nasdaq’s biggest companies, NFLX and Tesla, collapsed by over 10%. However, amidst the volatility, I had an amazing 1-minute ORB trade on Tesla, and our community had several other successful trades. Check out our recap, where Brian and I discuss Paras and Thor’s short trades as well.

Next week, we’re headed to NYC for one of the most incredible meetups we’ve ever seen. Over 150 traders from around the world will be joining us. We have three groups visiting NYSE, and thanks to our amazing partners and supporters, we’ll have social drinks and breakfast included. If you haven’t joined yet, don’t wait too long, as the hotel will soon limit new guests. NYC is my favorite city in North America, offering so much culture and history.

In addition to the exciting lineup, we have one more presentation for our NYC traders. Our very own Kim Ann Curtin, joining us from NYC, will present “The Five Practices that will Transform Your Trading & Your Life.” In her talk, you’ll discover the five essential practices that, when implemented alongside your trading strategy, will catapult your account to success.

With almost twenty-five years on Wall Street, including seventeen as a performance coach, Kim Ann Curtin discovered these Five Practices while interviewing fifty legendary traders and investors, such as Jim Rogers, Bill Ackman, Fred Wilson, and Jack Schwager, for her book, “Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future.”

Kim will walk you through how simple and effective these practices are. When applied, they will help you stay disciplined, avoid FOMO, stop chasing, eradicate fear, and provide actionable steps to overcome your inner gremlin and ego.

By executing these Five Practices, you’ll finally become the disciplined trader and human being you aspire to be. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity!

If you’re still considering joining us, please RSVP today!
Looking forward to meeting you in NYC!