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Upcoming Psychology Webinar

Increasing Discipline the Easy Way

Date & Time: Wednesday May 1, 2024 —   8:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Dr. Kenneth Reid

According to my research on Left Brain / Right Brain dynamics, discipline is elusive for about 2/3 of day traders… the Right Brainers. I know this from coaching, but also from personal experience.  If you’re Right Brain Dominant, you’re always trying to be more disciplined, and you can sustain it for a while, but in the end, something almost always goes wrong, and you revert to improvisational habits. Suddenly, in the heat of battle, you’re taking random and senseless trades, you’ve forgotten your rules, can’t remember your trade book and you’re just basically winging it. That’s when we give back a week of gains or more. In this webinar I’ll present 5 Ways to Increase Discipline without relying on Willpower, because in the end, Willpower is never enough.