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Upcoming Psychology Webinar

The Confidence Trap

Date & Time: Wednesday October 4, 2023 —   8:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Dr. Kenneth Reid

Every aspiring trader has the same goal: Consistent Profitability. Along with that is the assumption that Confidence will follow. That mastery is the state of mind where we naturally feel confident in our trades. That would be normal in any successful business. Except for trading. Trading is more like a professional sport, like tennis or MMA, where dominance is temporary and everyone is out to get you. If you’re measuring your progress based on your level of confidence, you’re using the wrong ruler. Trading doesn’t get easier, we have to get stronger. We have to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. More comfortable with not knowing. More comfortable with being wrong and losing, which is clearly not the same thing as confidence. That’s why the best loser wins. Let’s work on this together in this webinar.