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Must Watch! Live Level 2 Signal for Day Trading

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Apr 12, 2023

Dear Traders,

I am back in the Vancouver office from climbing in Bolivia. I arrived from sea level (0 m or ft) and in only 6 days I was able to climb 3 peaks of over 6,400 m (over 21,000 ft) in Bolivia. That was an amazing climatization as I prepare for my Everest expedition later this month. 

Today, I traded two amazing Opening Range Breakout Strategies, one on MU and one on TSLA. Both worked out great, and I am happy to share the recap with you.

In the recap, we have the recording of the LIVE Level 2 signal that led me to trade TSLA to the short side. Please do watch our recap. It’s one of the most educational recaps we have put together so far.

I am officially leaving for Nepal at the end of this month, and my Everest suit is now ready in Nepal for me. I partnered with the brand Sherpa Legend and Everest to order the clothing that will protect me from the cold at -40°C (-40°F). Do you know a cool fact? -40°C and -40°F are the same!

Now back to the market. Today, we saw a full percentage point reversal in the market! It seems like every dip is being bought in the market. Is it a new bull market? It’s too early to say, but there are still some signs of concern! As an example, despite having the regional bank situation mostly “sorted out”, the stocks of these companies have not yet recovered AT ALL!

The chart below shows that over the past 3 months, despite intervention from the Fed and the FDIC, these banks are making new lows! 

All eyes will be on the banking sector earnings this week to see if their books are as bad as everyone is thinking. Make sure to check the earnings calendar in Trading Terminal.

To your success,

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