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My Evolution as a Trader and Our Community TogetherĀ 

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Nov 30, 2023

Dear Traders,

Today, Thor and I traded at the open, as Brian was delayed in Bogota due to a missed flight but should be back in Canada for tomorrow’s trading session. Trading was excellent, with the US GDP reporting a 5.4% growth for the past quarter, significantly higher than expected. The resilience of the US economy in the face of surging interest rates is truly remarkable.

I executed one of my favorite trading patterns, the Bullish Engulfing Crack, which doesn’t happen often but is incredibly potent. I managed to make $4,200 in just 2 minutes with this pattern, while Thor shorted AAPL effectively.

You can watch our recap here.

Today in the chatroom, Thor brought up an intriguing topic – the ever-changing nature of market behavior and how we must adapt to it. When I began trading, and up until 2022, terms like “Fed,” “JPow,” or “Neel Kashkari” meant little to me. It was only around 2022, with the quick rise in interest rates, that I realized we had to monitor and trade based on their direction.

The market landscape evolved in 2021 when inflation surged, bringing bond markets into the spotlight. Concepts like TLT and long-duration treasuries became relevant, and our community capitalized on these opportunities. Other sectors became volatile too. Tesla, once a not very volatile stock, is now active nearly every day. The AI boom has propelled Nasdaq QQQ up over 30% in a year, presenting us with new trading prospects we didn’t know existed.

I’m grateful for my evolution from a simple trader and scalper to a more sophisticated trader who now follows in the footsteps of Bill Ackman, selling puts on TLT as suggested by Brian and Ardi, resulting in a remarkable $46,000 profit.

Our community has witnessed my transformation as a trader and investor, and I’m excited to see how I’ll continue to evolve over the next few years.

This is the power of our community.

Paras’ webinar last night received a fantastic response and attendance. People loved it! The webinar is now available in the Education Center for all Elite members to watch.

Tonight, we have an important webinar by Rande Howell, one of the best trading coaches, on stress-proofing your trading mind. Trading is undoubtedly stressful and requires a strong and resilient mindset. Join his webinar and share what you learn from it with me via email.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve become a more sophisticated trader and have delved into bond trading. Our TLT trade gained attention when Bill Ackman announced that he had covered his shorts. Ackman’s influence on bond markets is undeniable. On October 23rd, Ackman’s announcement coincided with the exact peak in the 10-year note yield at 5.00%. Yesterday, Ackman made a bet that the Fed would cut rates in Q1 2024, much earlier than market expectations, which show rate cuts beginning in June 2024.

Is this setting up to be one of the best bond trades of all time? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I look forward to seeing you in the chatroom!

To your success,