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My Tour of the NYSE and Travelling to DC!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Nov 9, 2021

Dear Traders,

Because of an invitation from Peter Tuchman of the New York Stock Exchange, I spent Friday and the weekend in The Big Apple. It was a great visit. I received a tour of the floor and I was able to discuss some potential trading education opportunities. The massive influx of new traders since the pandemic began has been of concern to many professionals. These novices are the ones who are apt to trade recklessly, buying $GME at $500 or $CAR at $550. For aspiring traders, a solid, well-planned technical education with an emphasis on risk management is the key to conquering the learning curve. I’ve realized from my trip that the seasoned traders at the NYSE care, as much as we do, about the success of new traders.

Carlos and I had the pleasure to see the opening bell rung by executives of a recent IPO, Bird Global ($BRDS). It was also an exciting moment to see the Open at another all-time high! On the floor, I was able to trade on my mobile app, utilizing the insight I was receiving from Peter Tuchman on imbalance orders and how the market makers would react to them in the opening hours. I went long with small caps IWM through its leveraged product TNA from $109 to over $113, for a very pleasant and surprising PnL. I was amazed at how a few recommendations from someone who has been called the “NYSE’s most iconic stockbroker” could change both my trading perspective and the end result. Stay tuned! With the help of Thor, we will be providing you with some information and education on this topic.

I also had the privilege to meet the legend himself, Jim Cramer, the famous ex-fund manager and now CNBC host, author, anchor, and celebrity. It was a thrill to be able to briefly chat with him and take a picture with him.

After visiting New York, I traveled to Washington, DC to visit President Biden and discuss opportunities for our new traders at the White House. Just kidding! I am though visiting some of our traders in the DC area, and I am planning to go on another mountaineering adventure after that. I will provide some more details shortly. I hope I get to trade this week, but if I do miss some days, I apologize in advance.

Please take a look at our website for news about the recent additions to our community as well as our upcoming webinars. We have some updates regarding the team that I will formally announce very soon. We are also holding our most important and biggest sale yet! We are offering a 45% discount on our Elite annual memberships and 1 month of FREE access to the real-time DAS simulator with Nasdaq TotalView, replay, and options data. Access to the simulator is not free, but we will cover the cost for one month for any new members who join during our Black Friday promotion. You can check out the discount HERE. I hope to see many of you as Elite members.

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable weekend, and I look forward to trading next to you in the chatroom soon.

To your success,

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