— Ned O

I am cancelling my membership today after using Bear Bull Traders and the DAS platform for about 5 months now. With the guides given from the members and administrators on Bear Bull Traders, it is possible to make money from day trading, however you need capital in order to only limit yourself to the highly recommended 3% of your account balance per trading day.

My hat is off to you all trading with 50k to 300k plus accounts every single day where 3% is not a lot at all. For a starter like me, I was thinking I could trade with 5k-10k but even at that rate, the 3% of my account balance would have been minuscule to trade with and in order to pull in a reward (profit) I would have to ace my trades every single day to get into the 50k range and that would have taken years. I also did not know the SEC requires the bare minimum of 20k to trade, or you have to trade through an offshore broker, which to me seemed a bit sketchy. In day trading, you need to have a fair amount of money initially in order to make any money at all. I just didn’t have the initial capital you truly need (and required by law) and the fees for the platform and Bear Bull Traders and that outweighed what is possible to make each month with a small initial account balance like mine.

I do however, STRONGLY recommend Bear Bull Traders to any and all people looking to get into trading that actually have capital to begin trading (25k or more per regulations). I see myself back here at Bear Bull Traders and this excellent and supportive community of day traders, but not until I have more money to invest, and more time to invest. I want to thank everyone in the chat room for your support and good luck to you all.
Best, Ned