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New Mentorship Sessions on Thursdays / Regards from Ecuador

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
May 3, 2021

I am writing this week’s newsletter from Ecuador, where I have climbed several high altitude volcanoes including Cayambe (which is at 19,000 ft (5,800 m)).

I can definitely say that Cayambe had one of the harshest environments I have ever been in. I’ve recorded this video for those of you who are interested. I plan to scale another very big peak and then I will be heading off to Austin, Texas for our meetup with traders in the “Friendship State”.

I realize that this week’s newsletter is a bit long. I hope you find it informative! In summary, it covers:

  1. Meetup in Austin, TX on May 7th – everyone welcome – RSVP here
  2. Monday Technology and Onboarding session for new members
  3. Tuesday Strategy webinar with Aiman on parabolic reversals
  4. Wednesday Psychology session with Dr. Kenneth Reid – you don’t want to miss this webinar as everyone who attends will receive a complimentary audio file that I know will help to improve your trading psychology
  5. Thursday Mentorship sessions led by myself being launched on Thursday mornings, in addition to Thor’s evening sessions

Our meetup in Austin, TX will be on Friday evening, May 7th, at 6pm local time. Everyone is welcome, including non-members and their families, and drinks, appetizers and treats will be on me! Please RSVP here so we can provide the location with an estimated number of guests. This meetup will be very exciting for me because Mike is coming from California, Norm from Dallas, and John from New Hampshire. I have yet to meet John personally, and I am looking forward to seeing him for the first time. I hope you will be able to join us for an evening of fun and getting to know your trading colleagues.

Monday Technology and Onboarding: Again this week, new trial members (and anyone else who wishes to) are welcome to join Carlos, Mike, and Kyle in our regular weekly onboarding session, followed by Kyle’s technology and advanced tools class. The onboarding session starts in the classroom at 8pm ET.

Tuesday Strategy: Aiman is returning with the second part of his series on How to Trade Parabolic Reversals. In this webinar, Aiman will explain different types of parabolic reversals and the criteria you need to follow in order to get a great entry, with the highest win rate possible, while aiming for the biggest potential reward!

As I mentioned in an email last summer, Aiman is perhaps the most amazing friend of mine who I have never met in person (yet!). His name is Arabic, he is a citizen of Kazakhstan (a country of about 18 million people located in Central Asia), he resides in and also studies medicine in Russia, and he trades the US market. His unusual “geographical” combination resembles in so many ways the diversity of our community: a dedicated group of serious traders from all around the world sharing a passion in trading. I am very much looking forward to meeting Aiman in person after all of the COVID-19 travel restrictions end and Canada once again opens its borders. Please note that Aiman’s webinar will be at 5pm ET, instead of the usual 8pm ET, due to the time zone differences between Russia and North America.

Wednesday Psychology: This week, our very own Dr. Kenneth Reid will lead a presentation titled Monkey Mind. Our brain is a pattern recognition engine and as traders we work hard to find the hidden order in randomness. But often, the harder we work, the less we have to show for it. One reason is that random rewards and punishments are quite stressful to the mammalian brain. Our initial response is usually to do more: analyze more, predict more, trade more. But this is what is called Monkey Mind. In this webinar, we will explore an alternative, and better, mindset. Dr. Reid will even have a free MP3 for you that might just help prevent you from slipping into Monkey Mind during your trading day.

Thursday Mentorships (for Elite members): We’re improving them! Thor’s evening classes will continue at 8pm ET but I myself will now be offering an additional weekly mentorship session at 11am ET, right after my trading session. I hope I will see all Elite members in the webinar room as I walk you through the thought process for my week’s best and worst trades. I will of course answer your questions and I am planning to have several replay discussions as well.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns at [email protected]

To your success,

PS: We are launching the 3rd of our Peak Capital Trading Bootcamps on Monday, May 3rd. Each trader will have the opportunity to work exclusively with John, Peter, and Mike as they build their individualized winning TradeBooks. Our senior traders, Aiman and Dimah, will also be providing assistance to all participants. Since we do not have as large of an enrollment this time around, we are excited to announce that we have some limited spots available. We want to ensure that our Bear Bull Traders membership have access to these excellent resources. Please sign up here if you are interested:

PS 2: We are pleased to offer you 1 year of full access to our community as an Elite member at a 40% discounted rate (only $99 per month!) with discount code SPRING40: or simply click here.