NYC Meetup with Dr. Brett Steenbarger

Hello everyone,

I hope that thus far you all are having a good trading week. I unfortunately did trade a bit recklessly but, overall, I am keeping myself in check.

We had a great time on Saturday in NYC with traders from all over the place joining us. From Canada, as well as from Florida, California, Texas, and many other states, our members gathered together for an evening of laughs, drinks, food, and some words of wisdom from Dr. Brett, and not in that particular order.

Dr. Brett gave an inspiring talk on the best practices to follow when it comes to trading psychology. He has generously provided the PDF of his talk to us and has given us permission to share it with everyone. Please find the PDF download here:

I posted some pictures of the event in our Instagram channel: and some on our Facebook channel:

Thank you to everyone for joining us and thank you to our guests for their time: Dr. Brett and Steven Spencer, SMB Capital co-founder, along with some of SMB’s traders.