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Upcoming Psychology Webinar

One Good Entry

Date & Time: Wednesday June 5, 2024 —   8:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Dr. Kenneth Reid

Entries matter more than exits. Good entries give us tremendous leverage on our psychology. A good entry solves 80% of one’s psychological problems before they ever emerge. Entries can be planned in detail, whereas exits are always highly discretionary. Good entries lower stress and build confidence, regardless of the results of any trade. When we’ve made a proper entry, it’s much easier to accept the uncertain outcome. Good entries help us cultivate the probabilistic mindset that Mark Douglas recommends. Oddly enough, Mark wrote three books on trading and trading psychology, plus he was a trader himself, but never once did he give any advice about the most important question, we all face: “How the heck should we get in?”  For aspiring traders, entries need to be kept as simple as possible. In this webinar we’ll discuss the key principle behind the most reliable trend following entry, with plenty of examples.