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Ozempic $20,000 DayTrade

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Mar 8, 2024

Dear Traders,

What a crazy market we had today, hitting another all-time high with SPY and QQQ. NVDA seems poised to hit $1,000 soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow. It was up another 5% today, and over the past 5 days, it has surged over 16%! It might soon surpass Apple and MSFT in market capitalization with this growth.

But the best trade of the day was Novo Nordisk (NVO). Last August, I shared my enthusiasm for Ozempic and my admiration for NVO, the Danish company producing this medicine. The company has now become the largest in Europe.

Novo Nordisk, an exceptional company based in Copenhagen, is poised to revolutionize healthcare in numerous ways. I don’t currently hold a position in it, but I’m seriously considering investing. Their groundbreaking drugs, Ozempic and Wegovy, are making waves in weight loss and control, propelling Novo Nordisk’s market value to over $480 billion. Today, it was up another 9% on news that their new weight management drug is even more effective than previous versions.

The Novo Nordisk A/S headquarters in the Bagsvaerd suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I personally tried Ozempic last summer for weight management, and it’s astounding how it curbs appetite, reduces interest in drinking alcohol, and enhances overall performance. This drug has the potential to tackle major health issues like heart attacks, obesity, high cholesterol, and sugar levels in many people. The minimal side effects I’ve experienced are encouraging, and I’m eagerly awaiting its broader impact on health.

Ozempic’s impact was so significant that in Walmart’s last earnings call, the CEO warned about its effect on their sales, particularly impacting junk food and snack revenues. Imagine that—a medicine threatening a giant like Walmart!

Today, I executed a successful Opening Range Breakout trade on NVO with Brian, securing a significant profit. I hope everyone watches the recap and shares their thoughts.

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Regarding my positions, I sold VOO calls at 480 for next week to exit my position on SPY. I plan to reallocate part of my equity to the bond market in the coming weeks to achieve a balanced 40/60 portfolio.
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To your success,