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Peak Capital Bootcamp Award: Learning and Leading in New Ways

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jul 11, 2023

Dear Traders,

I apologize for my late trading update on Monday, as I was visiting San Francisco over the weekend, one of the most beautiful cities in the US. Despite claims that SF is dead, I personally still consider it the queen of the USA. During my time there, I didn’t witness much crime or homelessness.

I would like to extend my congratulations to Michael for receiving the award in Learning and Leading in New Ways (Age of Digital Learning) for designing the Peak Capital Trading Bootcamp.

This prestigious award was nominated by several of our boot camp attendees at the Education 2.0 Conference, in Las Vegas 10 July 2023, which is renowned for recognizing leaders in academia, senior educators, and members of top universities, EdTech companies, consultants, and higher education authorities worldwide.

Michael, a retired US Marine Corps member with 23 years of service, has quickly adapted to the age of digital learning and reinvented himself. The picture below shows him while in service, protecting the King of Jordan on a dangerous trip in the Middle East. Not only has Mike successfully reinvented himself in just a few years, but he has also become a leader in educating traders who strive to improve their skills and achieve consistency.

First from left is Mike in the Middle East.

Congratulations, Mike! We are incredibly proud of you! If you want to work with Michael for the next bootcamp, among many of our scenario traders like Peter, John, Aiman, Megan, Susan, sign up for the next bootcamp here. The intensive three-month program starts on 7 Sep 2023 and offers mentorship and support to only 25 traders.

Today, the market showed strength across the majority of indexes, and we had some impressive trading opportunities on AMD, Amazon, and Tesla. I had an awesome reversal trade on AMD, where the daily moving average and YY Low acted as strong support. Paras traded Carvana, and Brian and I had similar trading styles. Currently, I am short Tesla calls (hence, synthetically short Tesla). You can watch my recap here, where we discuss these trades in detail.

Tonight, Thor will be presenting his highly regarded and well-received presentation on trading based on Volume Price Analysis and tape reading. Oftentimes, you know there is a trading opportunity, but you struggle with the timing of when to enter the trade.

Thor will discuss the best timing for trade entry based on the tape, which represents the core of price action unfolding in a stock. By reading the tape, you shift your focus from the charts to utilizing Time and Sales, Level 2 data, and volume and price analysis to determine the optimal entry point for your trade.

Thor and Paras’ courses on tape reading and volume price analysis have been highly acclaimed within our community. Just this morning, we received an email from one of our traders sharing their positive experiences. You can read it here.

Also, we emailed all NYSE attendees yesterday. We are excited to have over 50 of our traders visit the NYSE at the end of this month!

To your success,