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Profit Opportunities in Times of Middle East Crisis

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Oct 16, 2023

Dear Traders,

I am writing this newsletter from Dubai, where I am staying for a few nights to visit my family.

The market opened down due to the unfortunate incidents occurring in the Middle East, however, now it’s displaying some positive momentum, with all indices in the green.

Today serves as another reminder that the real “winners” of wars are those who produce weapons. Lockheed Martin ($LMT), one of the largest defense contractors in the US, is up nearly 7% today. When Russia invaded Ukraine, the stock jumped ~30% in 3 days. Since the start of 2022, $LMT is up ~25% as geopolitical tensions have escalated globally.

Defense contractor stocks across the board, as well as oil companies, are leading higher today. Unlike Russia, neither Israel nor Palestine are producers of oil or energy, but tensions in the region always add to the anxiety related to the energy market. That’s why oil and gas companies are trading strongly higher.

Today, I had successful trades on $PLTR and $RIVN, thanks in part to a shout-out from our community. This truly highlights the strength of our trading community. At 9:34 am, BBT members were enthusiastically discussing the strong movement in PLTR, which presented an excellent trading opportunity for bullish positions. I seized this opportunity and capitalized on the move.

If you’d like to see how I traded $PLTR, please watch my recap.
See the screenshot below from the chatroom where traders were highlighting the PLTR setup. Once again, it demonstrates the power of our community.

Speaking of community, I’m here in Dubai, and guess who I bumped into? @avi.mahtani, one of the oldest traders I know! Back in 2017-18, he started his trading journey by reading my book, and we’ve crossed paths a few times since. But let me tell you, Avi’s journey in trading has been nothing short of amazing.

He’s become a rockstar in trading options and stocks, and now he’s mentoring our new traders. It’s truly commendable to see him sharing his success and helping others. Avi, you’re simply awesome, and I’m lucky to call you a friend.

This is what Bear Bull Traders and our community are all about—making friends and colleagues on this incredible trading journey. Cheers to more success, Avi!

To your success,