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Resilience in Trading and Beyond

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 26, 2024

Dear Traders,

We had another incredible day in the market, with Netflix surpassing Wall Street’s expectations. This led to all-time highs in key indexes like the SPY and QQQ. It was an extraordinary day in my 2024 trading journey, marked by a fantastic Opening Range Breakout on NFLX and top-notch risk management on AMD.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest trading recap! Drop your questions in the comments, I’ll respond promptly.

Checkout today’s recap here.

Last night, we hosted one of the largest webinars at BBT, featuring Paras discussing tape reading and order flow trading. Over 200 people attended, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I’ve received several emails since the webinar about its impact on their trading knowledge, and I’m hopeful it will.

The recording is available in the Education Center and accessible 24/7 for all Elite members.

We’re also excited to announce that over 100 people are joining us for the Vancouver meetup and the 8th Anniversary of Bear Bull Traders. It’s a community we’ve built together, and I’m hopeful we’ll have between 200 to 250 attendees. We’ve already started reaching out to bring in special guests and speakers for the event.

We’re extending the early bird special price of $199 for another week. If you’re considering joining, RSVP to help us plan a better event for you.

Remember, this is your community, and you are a co-owner of it. We’re here to help and support this community.

This reminds me of a climbing expedition I undertook in Antarctica. The demanding journey through ice and extreme cold was a lesson in endurance and focus.

Just like trading, it’s vital to confront and manage risks effectively. That trip began as the most extreme form of expressing my freedom. I wanted an adventure to prove my individuality: but when we got to Camp 3 in -47°C/53°F and had to set up our tents and team members started losing fingers from the cold, I realized this one was different. Now it was just about survival. The absurdity of this trip became not only obvious to me, but I also became painfully aware of it.

To your success,