Resilience in Trading

Today, one of our traders who I met recently at our LA meet up cancelled his account with us. He emailed some heartfelt thoughts about his trading endeavor. I love what Nick wrote and I am excited to share his message with our community.

I tried to do well. I worked harder on this than anything else. I learned a lot about myself. I couldn’t find the consistency that I was looking for. Thank you for all the support and answering all the questions that I have asked.

I really love you guys. I wish you all a fulfilling life. That is all that I’m after. I let a lot of fears get in the way of a beautiful life. And it showed itself in my trading. Paralyses by analysis. I can talk myself out of anything. I learned that about myself during my 6 months of day trading. Last week I stopped being tough. I took the first step to being mentally strong. l told my Dad I loved him and I meant it. I understand now that no opportunity will be perfect. That I need to look for 85% and go for it. I am the kid that doesn’t want to get in the pool, but when they get in the pool, they love it and don’t want to get out. haha.

I have learned that failure is an option. It may simply mean the timing is not right! As I grow, my mental state will become stronger. And down the line I will have less insufficiency and become a great man! I will be confident and ambitious and never afraid to show emotion. I asked my first girl out yesterday. I’ve decided on a path. I want to go to college and be a pilot. If trading is a reflection of your mental state, then a great test would be to come back to this in a decade and see how I do. That would be an incredible reflection of my progress as a person!

Thank you again Andrew and William. I met Andrew and we talked personally after the LA meetup earlier this month while Albert and I drove him to his Hotel in Huntington Beach. I will never forget that. You said that resilience is the most important thing I can have. I’ll work on it. William has answered any questions to me that I ever had and really helped me bring me out of my shell to him. He is a great guy. You two have helped me the most. I am mostly talking to myself in this, but I really wanted to express some gratitude to you guys. Because I think I developed a lot on this journey. And maybe I’ll be back one day. I hope to love everything I do in the future. haha. I love you.

Thank you. I wish you only the best.”

All the best my friend, there is no shame in failing as a trader. The real shame is in not pursuing your dreams. If you are passionate about trading and never try it, then you will live your life wondering what might have been. Life is too short to not embrace new challenges. To take on any challenge in life and fail is very honorable. Becoming a consistently profitable trader can be possibly the hardest thing you will ever do. If you have the courage to take a chance and day trade, that decision will serve you well later in life. The next career change or challenge you accept might be the one that works out for you, and what you learn about yourself in the process will be invaluable.

All the best,


PS: I understand why some people decide to step away from trading for a season but want to be able to come back to it at a later time. This is called resilience in life. You fall and you stand up, again and again. That is why we introduced lifetime memberships, so members can take a break and come back again if they are ready. Please enjoy a 20% discount on our lifetime plans by using discount code: RESILIENCE
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