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San Diego Meetup Update and Power of Camarilla Pivots for Day Trading

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Feb 21, 2023

Dear Traders,

First, we have a very important webinar tonight by one of our best traders, Thor, who pioneered in our community trading based on pivots points. In his webinar, you will discover the predictive power of Camarilla pivots. The webinar is open to all Elite members, and a recording will be available for later viewing in our Education Center. Thor’s presentation begins at 8pm ET.

Second, over 100 traders have signed up for our San Diego Event and Bear Bull Traders Gala. The attendance is so strong that the Hard Rock Hotel had to change the location of our dinner! Rooms are sold out at the hotel, but the Hilton across the street is still offering low-priced rooms, which we recommend traders to book. We now have scheduled 7 strategy webinars and 2 psychology webinars, and we plan to add more in the upcoming days. If you are interested, check out the workshop page, and RSVP! I am personally very excited to see all of you in San Diego.

Today, the market is selling off as it almost certainly would for investors, given the higher Producer Price Index (which will trickle down eventually to the Consumer Price Index). The Fed may raise interest rates as high as 6%, the European Central Bank to 4%, and the Bank of England to possibly 5% if the global economy continues to be resilient and inflation continues to either rise or not come down fast enough. Central banks may very well be raising rates all through this summer as they try to get inflation to converge to their targets. This means we probably have 1 more year of great bear market volatility! And that’s great for traders!

See you tonight in Thor’s webinar.

To your success,

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