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Wed, May 18, 2020

Date :  Wed, May 18, 2020     Ticker :  MRNA
  • Breakouts (1min chart, 30min chart)
  • Reversals (15min chart)
  • Triangles (15min chart after 11:00)
Trade Analysis:

MRNA gapped up on good news, before the market opened it started selling off forming sort of descending triangle. At the open it formed good one minute setup for a short and sold off all the way to 76$. It then got so extended from the 9 EMA on the 5 min chart forming a good parabolic reversal. The 15 min chart closing as a hammer also formed a good reversal pattern. Between 10 and 11:30 it was consolidating in a range forming higher low waves and forming a descending triangle. An entry around 11:45 on a new 15 min high was good for a breakout.

Date :  Wed, May 18, 2020     Ticker : ACB
  • Breakouts (9:40)
  • Trend continuation (Around 10:20)
  • Reversals (Around 10:50)

Thu, May 19, 2020

Date :  Thu, May 19, 2020     Ticker : WMT
  • Reversals (9:40)
  • Trend Continuation (10:15, 12:30, 13:30)
Trade Analysis:

WMT gapped up on the daily chart, the premarket wasn’t so strong, it wasn’t weak either so I was long biased on it. Before the market opened it started selling off, so there was no decent long setup and it was simply curling below the 9 EMA on the 1 min chart. After the first minute candle closed, WMT wasn’t suitable for a long because of it being below all the MA’s, and it wasn’t a good short either because of the hammer which showed some kind of strength. Around 9:35 it started holding 129$ area forming two hammers after which it was suitable for a long scalp play as it formed a parabolic reversal. By 10:15 it formed an M shape pattern with a reverse ABCD pattern which established a downtrend for the rest of the day.

Date :  Thu, May 19, 2020     Ticker :  ACB
  • Breakouts (9:32, 9:40)
  • Reversals (9:55, 9:59, 10:56, 13:30)
  • Trend continuation (11:10, 12:10)

Wed, May 20, 2020

Date :  Wed, May 20, 2020     Ticker :  INO
  • Breakouts (9:36)
  • Reversals (9:45, 10:30)
  • VWAP play (14:20)
Date :  Wed, May 20, 2020     Ticker :  LOW
  • Breakouts (9:35)
  • Trend continuation (10:10)
  • Reversals (11:15, 13:40)
Trade Analysis:

LOW had earnings, it gapped up, but in the premarket it was selling off slightly which caused it to be below all the moving averages before the market opened. Right at the open it sold off 2$ which was a huge move and because of that it wasn’t a great candidate for 1 min ORBD. By 9:35 it started forming reverse ABCD pattern on the 1 min chart with a 5 minute ORBD. 9:55 it held above the 200 SMA on the 5 min chart, it also was enough extended from the 9EMA on the 5 min chart making it a good candidate for a parabolic reversal with an entry around 9:59.

Thu, May 21, 2020

Date :  Thu, May 21, 2020     Ticker : EXPE
  • Breakouts (9:31)
  • Reversals (9:50)
  • VWAP breakout (13:55)
Date :  Thu, May 21, 2020     Ticker : NCLH
  • ORB (9:32, 9:51)
  • Reversal (9:40)
Trade Analysis:

NCLH was consolidating around $13.15 area for 3 days, today it gapped up a bit above the consolidation area. In the premarket it was trading sideways, but it held above all of the moving averages. Looking at the daily and at the premarket behavior one would get long bias, the short play wasn’t in mind because of the support levels below. At the open it started dropping down and then it got bought back up closing as a hammer on the 1 min chart. On the second candle it closed forming lower high but higher low as well. 9:32 candle was a great cadnle for an ORBU setup based on the daily, premarket action, and the 2 minute candle. 13:45 was a daily level from 18th of May, after the 2 min ORBU it kept going higher all the way to that daily level and got extended from the 9 EMA on the 5 min chart forming a great parabolic reversal setup. By 9:50 it started forming an ABCD pattern on the 5 min chart along with 15 min ORBU along with W shape on the 1 min chart making a great setup to the long after which it started the uptrend.

Wed, May 22, 2020

Date :  Wed, May 22, 2020     Ticker :  ROKU
  • Engulfing Crack (9:32)
  • Breakouts (10:00)
  • Trend continuation (12:35)
  • Reversals (10:25)
Trade Analysis:

ROKU gapped down below support area on the daily on a reverse ABCD pattern. Looking at the daily, it shows that ROKU is on a weak pattern. In the premarket it was trading above VWAP but still below major MA’s. Because of that, looking for weak pattern was a decent idea. At the open, it squeezed to the long side, but couldn’t close above the MA’s on the first minute showing weakness. on the second candle it closed as a doji after which it set a decent entry to the short side. Around 10:00 it formed reverse ABCD bouncing of the 9EMA on the 5 min chart. New 5 min low after the doji was a good entry. 10:29 was a good entry for a long for a parabolic reversal pattern since it got extended of the 9 EMA on the 5 min chart forming small double bottom on the 1 min chart.

Date :  Wed, May 22, 2020     Ticker :  NVDA
  • Engulfing crack (9:35)
  • Breakouts (9:50)
  • Reversals (10:06)

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