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Trade Ideas

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DAS Trader Pro

The best direct access trading platform and charting software.
DAS Trader Pro only runs on Windows based PC’s. If you have a Mac, please click here.

Interactive Brokers

Excellent US-Based Low Cost Broker for US, Canada, UK and

many International Traders with Powerful SMRT Clearing Route

Capital Market Elite Group (CMEG)

Off-Shore Broker for Traders with Less than $25,000 with Low Commission Exclusive to Bear Bull Traders Members

Capital Markets Elite Group (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited does not accept accounts for any “U.S. Persons” that it believes have been “solicited” by Capital Markets Elite Group (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited within the meaning of Rule 15a-6 of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Not intended for US Persons.


Journaling and Analytics Software for Day Traders. Automatically import an analyze your trades.

Trading Station Setup

Below you’ll find BBT’s ideal day trading station setup, so that you too can put your best foot forward into the world of day trading.


You of course can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your computer. Please don’t though. We encourage new traders to keep the cost of their business down as much as possible to start.

Laptop – Dell XPS 15

Since there is no easy answer to what is the best computer for you (as it depends on your budget and other factors), our best recommendation is the Dell XPS 15. It offers the perfect balance of power and portability. Paired with a docking station (below), you can run up to 4 separate monitors, and with one pull of the cable you’re off to the coffee shop to journal your trades!
If you are considering this laptop for trading, be sure to get the non-touchscreen model and consider getting the OLED screen.


This docking station is the perfect companion to the XPS 15. It will power your laptop to run multiple monitors. It also has the ability to run wired Internet for a more stable and faster connection.

Stop straining your neck and get that laptop up to eye height! With this aluminum laptop stand, you’ll raise the laptop off the desk to the same level as your monitors. Bonus cooling and airflow too!

We highly recommend wired mechanical keyboards. Wired keyboards don’t require a battery and won’t suffer any Bluetooth interruptions. In addition, mechanical keys better enable precise Hotkey inputs and also help prevent missed hits.

A wired mouse is also recommended. You don’t want to be stuck in a trade with a wireless peripheral that has dead batteries or connection problems! The Logitech G203 is high performance for the price!

Monitor – Dell E2420HS

Arguably the most important piece of your day trading setup. What you choose is very dependent on how much room you have and your budget. Once you are certain that day trading is for you, we highly recommend having 4 monitors. You’ll want enough screens to easily follow several charts at the same time, plus the scanners and the BBT chatroom, as well as have Twitter open to keep an eye on Elon Musk’s crazy tweets! The Dell E2420HS is a great balance of price, size and quality. It is also VESA compatible if you decide you would like to mount your monitors above your desk.


A good mounting arm will get your monitors off your desk and up to eye level. You can choose from a variety of mount stands – many will hold 2 monitors and some will hold up to even 6 monitors, just like Andrew has!


Chair – HermanMiller Sayl Chair

When you’re not standing at your desk, it’s important to have a great ergonomic chair to support your entire body, and especially your lower back. The features you need to look for include lumbar support, breathable materials, and adjustable height and tilt options. Check it out here.

Desk – Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Bear Bull Traders highly recommends this standing desk. We truly believe trading while standing can help keep you alert, focused, and awake. This desk encourages healthy movement, and with simple memory buttons, you can adjust it to your favorite position with one press!

Standing Mat – Sky Mats Anti Fatigue

While we do think standing when trading will keep you more alert, there is no denying the fatigue you may feel from doing it for an extended period of time. That’s why we recommend this standing mat with a soft foam core. It’s a perfect balance of support and comfort!

Stream Deck

The StreamDeck is a fully customizable keypad that will allow you to create individual buttons for various trading functions. You can program several variations for different functions and be able to more easily execute without having to click a mouse! Several of our members use the StreamDeck.

Community Setups

For some great examples of trading setups, check out our YouTube series, “Come Into My Trading Room”, where our members share their day trading setups.

Or check out our Forum here, where members have posted pictures and details of their setups!

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