Success Story of a Bear Bull Traders Member!

Here is an email I received recently from one of my students. Nothing makes me happier than to see successes like this in our community:

“Hi Andrew,

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, almost 2 months. After the simulator I went live Oct 16th this year with IB & DAS, It was rough at the beginning, took in some losses and they were outweighing my wins. In total, I had lost about $4k in about 3 weeks, DAS had given a training, I actually went back to it and try to change things and see what I was doing wrong, was worth it of course, but I think all beginners have to be willing to give the market some flesh and there’s nothing like going in with the live account and truly test yourself.

The past month has been my most successful. I have been consistently profitable 4 days out of every week at least and my losses are usually under $100, my typical weeks are about $500 average wins for the whole week. This past week was incredible though, Monday, I cashed out with $8500, Tuesday $1800, yesterday I lost $150 and today this below


I am done for the day today I can say. Shutting down this computer and try and relax.

I saw your last success E-mail and I, too wanted to thank you. I felt that you tell your students exactly what this is and you give them the best tools. It’s rare to find this in any mentor.

No matter what happens from here, I have learned a lot over the last 4 months. The key I find most valuable in day trading is risk management, you will have some losses, be disciplined and set your stop losses, I think that’s made the difference for me; not to be greedy, set your goals and profit ratios. Don’t fight the market. This Email is long enough so I’ll stop here.

I hope you’re doing well, I’ll stay tuned and have already recommended friends to your class and would recommend anyone interested to join your classes.

Thanks Andrew,