Success Story of a Trader: Fit Trading into Your Life

I assume you have heard by now the horrible news regarding the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I happened to be in Paris this past week and on Saturday my wife and I visited this amazing landmark of human history. We went inside and sat down on the benches and for about 30 minutes listened to the prayers being offered. They were some very reflective moments for both of us. We of course hope that the firefighters can save as much of the structure as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with Paris and France.

On a much more positive note, one of our traders emailed me today and shared histrading success story. It was very inspiring for me and I decided to share it with everyone. There are some great lessons in his message that we can all learn from. Let’s read his email together:

“Hi Andrew,
I just wanted to personally thank you for writing such an amazing book and introducing me to day trading. I have never traded any stocks till I found your book in November 2017. I was in the sim for around 10 months and then went live. I wanted to go live after 3 months then 6 months and then 9 months but was not very confident.

Then I went live in December 2018 with very small share size to get the emotion of livetrading and then slowly started increasing my share size. 

From around the 2nd of April, I started taking a good amount of share as I increased the funding of my amount.

I have multiple businesses in India in Steel, Export import but found¬†trading¬†very interesting. You had mentioned very important things – “Don’t make¬†trading¬†your life but a part of your life”. I knew I did not have to¬†trade¬†for a living which really helped me with the emotional aspect of the¬†trade.

I usually don’t like to share my¬†trading¬†charts and P&L but I really wanted to share with you the last few¬†trading¬†P&L which I am attaching.

I know you had mentioned you were going on a trip. Hope you have a wonderful trip and thank you for writing such a wonderful book and also creating the BBT community. 
I am sure you have touched many lives and helped them lead a better life!

See you in chat!

Thank you,
Best Regards,

Thank you for sharing this my friend, and congratulations on your slow and steady progress. As you correctly mentioned: Fit trading in your life. If it does not fit into your life, it is not worth doing.

Not everyone can be a trader, and not all of those who can should pursue it. There is no shame in giving up on trading if it does not fit with your life. The real shame is in not pursuing your dreams. If you are passionate about trading and never try it, then you will live your life wondering what might have been. Life is too short not to embrace new challenges. To take on any challenge in life and fail is very honorable. If you have the courage to take a chance and day trade, that decision will serve you well later in life. The next career change or challenge you accept might be the one that works out for you, and what you learn about yourself in the process will be invaluable.

Thank you for sharing, and thank you for choosing Bear Bull Traders as your community of learning and trading. We are honored to have you with us.

To your success,

Andrew and the Bear Bull Traders Team

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