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Tech Stocks Surge to New Highs: A Bullish Market Update

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Nov 21, 2023

Dear Traders,

Who would have thought that technology companies, which were struggling in 2022, would reach all-time highs so quickly, in less than a year?

The QQQ index, representing the modern-day industrial sector, is now very close to an all-time high. NVDA is trading above $500 again, MSFT is near its all-time high, and Apple, which was struggling with revenue growth, is now trading well above $190. It’s indeed a strong bull market.

Some people still believe we are in a bear market, which I think is very wrong. The bull market has started and it’s in motion. There’s volatility every day, and today we traded MSFT and TSLA very successfully.

I enjoy trading stocks that are at all-time highs, like MSFT now. They are easy to trade with strong liquidity, volume, and upward momentum. If you want to see how I traded today, watch my recap here.

This week is American Thanksgiving, and the market is closed on Thursday. Friday is only a half-trading day, with the market closing at 1 pm ET. I will be traveling to Colombia for climbing and to meet some friends and traders in Medellin. If you are in Colombia, we have a meetup in Medellin on Saturday, November 25th, 8pm. Please RSVP here.

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BBT Stockholm Meetup

Last but not least, we had a small meetup in Stockholm with a few of our traders and Peter. Peter is now in Europe, visiting some countries and finding his own slice of heaven in Scotland.

Peter and his 1.2 million liters of Whiskey

One of the pictures above shows our Stockholm meetup and the other Peter in front of 5,000 250L casks of whiskey. He is living the life!

To your success,