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The Importance of Finding a Trading Style The Suits Your Personality

By Aiman  |  
Bear Bull Traders  |  
Mar 15, 2021

Another awesome trader in our community!

He’s really kind and he’s a great trader, he’s been trying hard for a couple of years to work on a style which simply didn’t suit his personality (scalping) changing his style to what really suits him changed his PNL and results dramatically! His results now are astonishing! This Shows us the importance of finding the style THAT SUITS YOUR PERSONALITY, and not trying to copy someone else’s style and trying to enforce it!

Read the testimonial below:


It’s been a while since I reported on my progress. Wow! While I still have much room for improvement, I am starting to trade like that trader that I’ve wanted to become and am now well on my way to becoming a consistently profitable trader. Of course, there will be challenges ahead, but I fell much better equipped to handle them than ever before. Here is my trading calendar results, which you can feel free to use as you wish:

Before starting a mentoring program with you, I tried going live 3 times over a 2.5 year period and failed each time. This was due primarily to my tendency to scalp just about anything that moved – with big size – when trading in the simulator. I put up some big numbers over time, but found that I couldn’t tolerate this level of risk when trading live.

I tried lowering my risk, but lost money almost every day wildly chasing the price action. I tried listening to every webinar, reading every trading book that interested me and focusing on my trading psychology, but I soon realized that I needed more confidence in my technical skills. That’s when I signed up with you.

After a few weeks of sessions, and returning to the simulator, I started to gain much better command of breakouts and ABCD patterns and strung together 14 consecutive green days within 6 weeks. Upon returning to live trading, I was breaking even within a month and am now consistently trading green almost every day. My most recent live trading streak was 7 consecutive green days and 10 of my last 11.

More important than these results, however, is the approach to learning and skill building that you have taught me. I now know how to separate what is important from what is not, and my daily learning routine, my journaling framework and my focus while trading have improved dramatically. The skill and confidence that you have helped me achieve are worlds apart from where I was only 4 months ago.

Thanks so much for our time together and for your ongoing webinars and trade reviews. I will soon be ready for my next round of mentoring with you and look forward to taking my skills to the next level.