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The Key to Your Success: Trading Psychology

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Aug 12, 2021

Dear Traders,

I have some excellent news to share with you all. The book that Mike Baehr and I recently wrote, Introduction to Trading Psychology, is now available in Audiobook on Audible. This book is the perfect accompaniment to your daily run or commute, and it also very well complements the cup of tea you may be drinking as you sit on your couch one summer evening soon. We encourage everyone to check it out and for those of you who do read or listen to it, we would sincerely appreciate you posting an honest review or rating.

These types of legitimate reviews help our book to become more visible to both current and prospective traders. I know I speak for Mike as well when I say that we thoroughly enjoyed putting the material together and being able to make this contribution to our community.

Speaking of the psychology of trading, today we are hosting a very important webinar by our very own Dr. Katz. For tonight’s episode of Shrink Rap, he will speak with two of our moderators, Thor and Jarad. In this town hall style live discussion, Dr. Katz will walk us through the minds of two gifted traders and together we will gain some important insights into how the minds of successful traders should “operate” as they sit before their trading stations each day.

I encourage all of our Elite members to join us today in the Webinar room at 8pm ET. If you are not an Elite member, please feel free to check out our current promotion which will permit you to upgrade your membership at a very reasonable cost.

See you soon,

PS: Please also watch the recap that Brian and I posted earlier today regarding the excellent shorts we executed on AMD and MRNA. This was a day for waiting patiently until the best setups revealed themselves. When it comes to trading, quality is always better than quantity! You can check out our recap here.

PS2: As mentioned in an earlier email, we would love to grow our YouTube channel to over 100k subscribers so we can become eligible for YouTube verification. If you have not yet, we would appreciate it if you would take a moment and either like or subscribe to our channel here.