The Power of Benzinga Squawk in the Bear Bull Traders Chatroom

Dear traders,

We are just overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have been receiving from our members regarding our addition of the Benzinga Squawk feature. Earlier this week, Sahil, a longtime lifetime member of our community, was done with his day when Squawk offered him a really good trading opportunity in the afternoon. Read his email:

“Hi Andrew,

I was done for trading today and was going to close my system when I heard the Benzinga Squawk about JNJ. Here was the news at 12:51 pm EST:

“Brooklyn Federal Prosecutors Open Criminal Probe Of Opioid Manufacturers, Distributors; Mallinckrodt, AmerisourceBergen, Johnson & Johnson and Amneal Say They Have Received Subpoenas”

and the Squawk mentioned about JNJ falling. I waited for the pullback at the VWAP and then shorted JNJ at $136.75 and covered at $136.00.

The Benzinga Squawk is amazing! Thank you very much for implementing the same on the BBT chat!  

See you in chat tomorrow!

Thank you!
Best Regards,
Sahil S.”

We are so grateful to receive such positive feedback. Thank you! We are in fact the first trading community to implement this feature. As Andrew mentioned in the chat, this addition was not cheap. We are paying a hefty licensing fee to Benzinga plus, because we were the first trading community to request this, we also had to pay the development cost of its API and connection to our servers, and that in itself was certainly not cheap. But we didn’t doubt the value of Benzinga Squawk for even a second. Every single day, we are very committed to making the Bear Bull Traders community better and better for our traders. Why? Because our members deserve no less.

Thank you for being with us and sharing your trading journey with us. Running this community has truly been the most humbling experience for all of us. We are honored to serve you.

To your success,

Norm, Ryan, Andrew, Brian, Abiel, Thor, Aiman, Peter, Carlos (and baby Carlos!)