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The Power of Mentoring

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Day Trading Success  |  
Jun 9, 2023

In the fast-paced world of trading, finding a mentor who not only imparts valuable knowledge but also inspires confidence can make all the difference. Today, we are thrilled to share a heartfelt letter we received from one of our students, Savvas, expressing deep gratitude for our esteemed mentor, Aiman. Savvas’s words not only serve as a testament to Aiman’s exceptional guidance but also showcase the transformative power of mentorship in the trading community.

In this letter, Savvas opens up about the challenges he faced, the breakthroughs he experienced, and the remarkable growth he achieved under Aiman’s mentorship. The trust instilled in him by Aiman’s transparent approach, historical trades, and logical explanations helped Savvas overcome his struggle with strategy commitment. Through dedicated practice and newfound confidence, Savvas has discovered the vital elements required to succeed in the markets. Please enjoy Savvas’s heartfelt letter.

Dear Aiman,

I am writing this email to express my gratitude for the knowledge that you provided me during all our sessions. 

The fact that each session was recorded it’s absolutely brilliant it helped me a lot because the amount of information that has each session is huge and I could listen to them as many times as I wanted.

My biggest problem was that I could not trust a strategy and stick with it. I was feeling that I was losing my time and I had to find another one. With your help I have overcome this problem because you were explaining to me the logic behind every rule, you provided me with your historical trades proving that you did it by following the rules. You put me on homework to make the same trades to practice my execution. So at the start my execution was very bad the regular voice was coming in my head telling me ‘It can not be done/this strategy/rules don’t work but this time a new voice was coming also telling me ‘Aiman did it with the same stocks and the same dates, so check out his print screens/or ask him to see where is your mistakes and fix it.)) So I kept training, I kept fixing my mistakes and with the better results, I started building up my confidence which is very important for me.

The last session was amazing because I watched you live trading and you were explaining to me how I should be thinking and how I should be building the scenarios and how to bail out if the price action will not do what we wanted. I think this session I will be watching it on the recording every day before the opening of the market)

Lastly, if there was one thing that we could have done differently is the pinpoint strategy that could have been taught after the breakouts so I could have exercised it on the market together with the breakouts. In this way, I could have gained more time practicing the 3 strategies at the same time. 

Thank you very much and I hope that we will be in touch. 

Best Regards,