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The Worst Wealth Destroyer of Our Lifetime

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Feb 7, 2024

Dear Traders,

We’ve witnessed some unprecedented moves in the stock market recently. Last week, META experienced the largest market cap increase in history, soaring over 20%. The US economy has shown a robust labor market, strong growth, 5% interest rates, and disinflation all at the same time since 2023. It seems everyone is quite optimistic this positive trend will continue.

NVDA reached a price of $700. Michael Gayed, a persona in X that I enjoy following him, continues to believe we are in a bear market but he is scratching his head every day.

Cathie Wood, the founder, CEO, and CIO of ARK ETF Trust, known for running the popular ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK), which focuses on disruptive technologies of the future, has recently been labeled by Morningstar as “The Worst Wealth Destroyer.” Her decisions have led to a $14.3 billion loss in investor wealth in the last 10 years. Despite substantial asset inflows in 2020 and 2021, her funds suffered significant losses in the 2022 bear market, ranging from 34.1% to 67.5%. Although her funds saw a rebound in 2023, it wasn’t enough to recover from previous losses.

This creates a fascinating trading environment. Since returning from Antarctica, I’ve enjoyed some remarkable trading days, including a significant live trading session in the chatroom today, resulting in a notable profit. To learn more about how we traded PLTR at the open for both short and long positions, check out my recap here.

Tonight, we have an important guest presentation from one of our senior traders, Phil. He has successfully grown a small trading account using options and pivot points and will share his insights in a presentation titled: “Utilizing Options, Pivot Points, and Tight Risk Management for Small Account Trading Success.”

Bear Bull Traders is a community of serious traders committed to helping and learning from each other. Just like Wikipedia, where volunteers collectively build an online encyclopedia, we share knowledge and strategies for mutual growth.

Join me and our moderators for Phil’s presentation.

Lastly, our Vancouver event is nearly sold out, with 171 attendees registered out of a maximum capacity of 200 enforced by the hotel. We’re also hosting a gala-style dinner, where significant others are welcome to join for an additional $99, covering the dinner cost. If you have registered already and want to bring your partner, please check out here for your additional guest.

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Looking forward to celebrating the 8th anniversary of Bear Bull Traders in Vancouver, April 6-8!

Happy birthday to our community!

To your success,