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Toronto Meetup and MoneyShow Presentations

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Sep 8, 2023

Dear Traders,

What an incredible day it was today! Apple shares took a tumble, on track to lose a staggering $200 billion in market value over just two days, all due to China’s plans to extend the ban on iPhones to government-backed agencies and state companies.

Shares of the world’s largest company dropped by as much as 5.1%, bringing its two-day decline to 6.8%. Apple is a major player in US equity indexes (QQQ and SPY) and this news added to a broader market selloff driven partly by various concerns in China.

Today, I executed a successful and aggressive 5-minute Opening Range Breakout trade on Apple, securing an excellent profit. Brian is en route to Toronto for the MoneyShow conference, and I had the privilege of trading with Thor at the opening bell. Thor had an amazing trade on Amazon. You can watch our recap here!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be a keynote speaker at MoneyShow on Sat, Sep 9 at 9am. They’ve invited me to share my experience of conquering the world’s tallest mountain and the valuable lessons I got from overcoming fear, lessons that have proven invaluable in the world of trading. I’ll explain how these experiences can help traders master their trading psychology.

Join me as I discuss my Everest climb and the incredible mental resilience I developed along the way. Discover how my experiences can empower you to overcome any challenge life throws your way!

For my keynote, I plan to wear my Everest suit. Come and see for yourself whether it’s a great or a bad idea! I hope they invite me back!

I’ll be also giving a second presentation on the same day, Saturday at 12pm. It’s centered on one of my most vital trading strategies, which Carlo Zarattini and I even published a paper on.

This paper ranks among the top 1000 in its field and has been validated by Cornell researchers and scientists at other universities: the 5-minute Opening Range Breakout. Just today, I made $15,000 trading Apple using this strategy, and during the presentation, I’ll explain how this active approach can outperform investing in most major US stock market indexes. This one will require formal attire!

Ardi is also presenting on Options Trading on Saturday at 4pm. Paras will be joining us for the conference!

In summary:

Saturday, September 9

  • 9am: Andrew’s Keynote Speech on Everest and Mastering Trading Psychology
  • 12pm: Andrew’s Talk on the 5-minute Opening Range Breakout vs. Investing in the Stock Market
  • 4pm Ardi’s Presentation on Options Trading.
  • 5pm: Social meetup (we´ll meet at exhibit hall and we’ll walk to a nearby bar, drinks on me!)

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre North.

The MoneyShow event is FREE and located in downtown Toronto. Please RSVP for free registration here.
Peak Capital also has a booth in the exhibit hall. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Last but not least, our Labor Day sale is officially over now. However, in celebration of having a great trading day, you can click here for your last chance to become an Elite Annual member for 50% off.

Thanks for your support, friendship, and companionship. Ardi and I are flying out today, and I’ll be in Toronto from Friday to Sunday.

See you in Toronto!