Trading $DIS

Hello traders,

I just got back from my climbing and running trip to Switzerland. We also had a really nice meet up with some of our traders in in Zurich, thanks to everyone who attended the meetup.

Today after I got home from the airport, I fired up my trading station to see what was happening in the markets. I did not have any watchlist, so I was looking for stocks in play and I noticed Disney ($DIS) came up on our Turbo breakdown Trade Ideas scanner. I pulled up a chart for $DIS and went short as it was breaking down on breaking news at 3:35pm ET.

I ended up doing pretty well on this trade and all thanks to our Trade Ideas Turbo Breakdown scanner. After I went short at 3:36 pm ET, I covered all in the Y High and YY High support levels. See my full recap here. The money that I made today on this trade was thanks to Trade Ideas and was enough profit for a 1 year of subscription of Trade Ideas.

As a member of Bear Bull Traders, you will have access to our Trade Ideas settings file which will allow you to see trade opportunities like the one that I found in $DIS today.