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Trading & Running in France / PCT Bootcamp Starts Next Week

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Aug 1, 2022

Dear Traders,

I missed trading in the room this morning as I was getting organized for my trip to France. I’ll be in Chamonix for the next week or so, running and climbing with my running buddy and coach. Our aim is to run over 100 miles. I expect to be trading the Open with you most days, with a view of Mont Blanc in the background! Thank you to Thor for trading with Brian in my place today. You can watch their recap here. I plan to see you tomorrow morning for more great trading during this earnings season.

While I’m away, there is plenty going on at BBT. In part, be sure to join us for these two informative webinars this week:

For Tuesday Strategy, Aiman will be heading up a webinar entitled: How to Read Price Action through Candlestick Patterns. To be a successful trader, you need to be patient, persistent, and (most obviously) know how to read the price action. There is no better way to learn how to properly read the price action than to understand how to read candlesticks and their different formations. In this webinar, Aiman will review the most common candlestick patterns, how to read them, and how to develop a trade based on “prior to entry” candlestick formations. Aiman’s webinar begins at a special time of 5pm ET.

For Wednesday Psychology, Dr. Kenneth Reid will be presenting a webinar entitled: Habits vs. Rules: The Easier Path to Mastery. It’s a truism in trading that you need rules, which provide behavioral guardrails while you grow toward mastery. Without rules, you can get into trouble by following your instincts, your intuition, and your emotions. Along the way, your relationship with your rule set can become problematic. In this webinar, Dr. Reid will discuss an alternative approach to changing your suboptimal behaviors that removes the stigma, the judgment, and the self-blame, so that you can enjoy the journey to mastery every step of the way. Dr. Reid’s webinar starts at 8pm ET.

In addition, we are in the final week of Peak Capital Trading’s Summer 2022 boot camp. I’ve received excellent feedback from the current participants and I’ve also had a sneak peek at some of their TradeBooks, which I must say have been really well done this session. If you’re interested in participating in the next PCT boot camp, you’ll be able to register next week and the session will begin on Tuesday, September 6th.

To your success,

PS: If you have not already, I encourage you to try out our free web-based trading simulator at It’s conveniently available 24/7, whenever you have time to practice honing your trading skills.