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By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
May 21, 2024

Dear Traders,

To my surprise, I still have an internet connection and decided to give you a quick update on my journey so far.

As we are preparing in the base camps to climb Mount Denali, the highest peak in North America, I had a big flashback to last year when I summited Mount Everest on May 19, 2023.

When my oxygen mask froze on Mount Everest and I couldn’t breathe momentarily, I was ready to die but I was fortunate that my sherpa saved me.

Mount Denali is not like Everest where I had my sherpas. If I get to a tough situation I am not sure if I will survive. So be it. At least I have tried to set records and inspire many people in my life. That’s what matters to me the most.

Today, The Himalayan Times published the first news on my attempt to set the world record as the first Iranian to conquer 7 highest summits: Elite Iranian climber Andrew Aziz set to conquer Denali in pursuit of a world record.

If you are on LinkedIn please follow me here as I have scheduled some of my most amazing life lessons to be posted next few weeks that I am offline.

I saw today that our YT channel just passed the 170K mark subscribers. Thank you for all your support and engagement with the Live premarket show.

The live trading on YT is helping many new traders learn to trade and invest their money financially. I am so excited to giveaway that Tesla when we hit the 1 million YT subscribers! This is a dream coming true for me and a lucky YouTube subscriber.

I also heard your feedback on our surveys.

We will create more strategy videos and educational content. Tomorrow at 8 pm EST we have an amazing strategy session with Avi on “How to Leverage Human Nature for Day Trading”. The webinar is available for free to all Elite members. If you are an Elite member, make sure to watch it as Avi had one of the highest strategy presentation rankings in our 2024 Vancouver summit.

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Please keep me in your thoughts and mind while I am pushing for the Mount Denali summit.

To your success,