Traveling in New Zealand and “Playbooking” Your Best Trades

Dear traders,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not trading this week. As the U.S. market opens at 3:30am here in New Zealand, it is very hard for me to trade. Originally I planned to wake up at 3am, trade until 5am, then go for a run and hike. But except for one day, I have not been able to wake up this early. I am simply too exhausted to trade during those hours. Last week, when I managed to wake up at 3am, I didn’t know if I should go with coffee or booze; at 3am you can go either way!

I am having a good time in this beautiful country though, I must say. I am running around various parts of the South Island and I actually had a small meetup in Nelson, New Zealand with one of our traders!  See some of my pictures here on my Instagram page or below. So far, I love everything about this amazing country, except the market hours! I miss trading a lot, and I had a big FOMO last week during $TSLA-mania! It reminded me of the bitcoin-mania of 2017! I will be back to trade by the end of this week when I return to Vancouver.

Traveling in New Zealand

Anyhow, I would like to cordially invite all of you to join this week’s Success Webinar with distinguished guest Mike Bellafiore, co-founder of SMB Capital, a top proprietary trading firm in New York City. Mike has authored several best-selling books including One Good Trade and The Playbook: An Inside Look at How to Think Like A Professional Trader. The topic of this week’s Success Webinar is of great interest to all of us. During an interview last year, one of our traders showed Mike a trade taken that day and asked for Mike’s feedback. Mike replied that it was an “A+ trade” and advised the trader to “playbook it” for future growth. Until then, I was not familiar with the concept of “playbooking” your best trades. We have therefore asked Mike to join our Success Webinar Series so he can teach us how SMB’s traders “playbook” their best setups and strategies so they can trade them more consistently.
To get the most from this week’s Success Webinar, I highly recommend as a prerequisite that you watch one of SMB Capital’s free training workshops, available here. In these workshops, you will learn the three top trading techniques that SMB traders use to make millions each month. If you are interested in their program, please note that SMB Capital is always looking for traders to join their team. They provide their traders with all the capital and training needed to succeed. If you’re interested in joining a proprietary trading firm, more information is available on the SMB Capital website.
There are also two quick updates before I end this email:
  1. The NYC Meetup is on Feb 21 with Carlos, Norm, Ryan, Andrew and our new team member from San Diego, Mike Baehr. We also invited Dr. Jonathan Katz to join us and meet our traders. We plan to develop a more rigid curriculum on psychology and performance improvement for our community and Dr. Katz is one of the experts we are working with at this moment.
  2. DAS has launched its next competition. In the last two competitions, BBT traders did extremely well and were among the top three performers. I invite everyone who is interested in testing their trading skills to join the DAS competition. They also offer a discount to BBT traders if you use the coupon: BBT15 at checkout.

To your success,

P.S.: Did you see our new and updated Psychology Module? Check out the first lesson: Lesson 1: Get to Know Yourself & What Type of Trader You Are. Thank you Mike for putting it together! Stay tuned for our next modules!