Trend Trading: Our Next Two Success Workshops by Ed Martin

Dear traders,

I would like to invite you to the next seminar in our Success Workshop Series: Trend Trading Part 1. Our distinguished guest is Ed Martin from Average Joe Trading. I have known Ed for almost five years now, and have been following his trades and recaps almost every day. They are highly educational and always include a lesson in trading and psychology, not to mention they’re also funny. Watch one of BBT’s interviews with Ed from last year here. See my picture below with Ed and fellow BBT trader Shahin on the night before our Clearwater Beach meetup last November.

Trend Trading

Ed is one of the most consistent and humble traders who, in my opinion, is underappreciated in the trading community. He lives in South Carolina and is a retired educator who taught automotive engineering and motorsports technology to high school students. In addition to trading and running the AJT trading community, he still teaches licensing courses to future educators moving from industry into the classroom.

As Ed has also explained, he is dyslexic and was also diagnosed with dyscalculia, which causes significant difficulty in making quick arithmetical calculations. Both are brain processing disorders so Ed had to develop alternate ways to process market information. He believes this has actually helped him become a trader, since traders need to think differently if they want to develop a correct mindset.

For the same reasons, Ed is not a scalper or momentum trader. He has developed as a trend trader specializing in growing small accounts. I asked Ed to join us and provide a few workshops on trend trading. This two-part workshop is scheduled as follows:

Trend Trading Part 1: Wed.Feb 19, 2020, 8pm ET

Trend Trading Part 2: Wed. Feb 26, 2020 8pm ET

As you know, I am a scalper and momentum trader, but I really need to develop my ability to read longer time frames so I can catch some of the big moves during late morning and afternoon hours. I look forward to learning from Ed about how he approaches the trade he made famous, “ADH: All Day Holds.”

See you in the webinar,

P.S.: If you are in the NY Metro area, please join us for our upcoming meetup at 7PM on Friday, February 21st. You can find more information in our forum.