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TSLA Explosive $8,000 Move and Apple’s New iPhone

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Sep 12, 2023

Dear Traders,

Ardi and I are back from Toronto, where we had three amazing talks, including my keynote speech where I wore my Everest suit! It was a lot of fun, and all of our talks were well attended. Thank you, everyone, for coming and for your amazing support. After that, about 40 of us went to a nearby pub to celebrate the event and catch up with the BBT Family.

You can find all the pictures here, and if you decide to share them, please tag me and Ardi so we can stay in touch!

Giving my keynote speech in Everest suit!

I missed trading on Monday, September 11th, and missed the big move on TSLA. Tesla was upgraded by analysts, and it had a massive 10% move during the day. What an exciting day it was!

Toronto Meetup after MoneyShow event with BBT Family

Today, I traded Tesla again using an explosive 5-minute Bullish Engulfing Crack strategy. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it has a very high accuracy. Brian traded his famous Rising Devil strategy on Oracle. Paras traded Tesla and Apple, while Thor made a nice short on AMD. There were many amazing trades in the community. You can watch my trading recap here.

Tonight, we have a very important webinar by Thor on how to use Camarilla Pivots and Bookmap. As you know, Bookmap is a powerful tool to utilize market liquidity and historical Level 2 data. It can help you identify potential stop-loss, profit targets and much more.

I highly recommend attending this presentation, which is available for all Elite members. The recording will be in the Education Center for later viewing.

Today, Apple will be presenting its new iPhone, but its shares continued their decline today due to last week’s news that China could seek to expand its iPhone ban to state firms and agencies.

Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers are calling for additional sanctions after China’s largest contract chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), a partially state-owned publicly listed Chinese company, created a chip specifically for Huawei’s new smartphone. This marks a significant breakthrough for China in its current “tech war” with the West.

My second presentation on 5-min ORB in MoneyShow was also very well attended!

It would be interesting to follow the impact of this “tech war” and how it unfolds in the market. For now, we enjoy the volatility!

Last but not least, my book is FREE on Amazon for two days. If you haven’t downloaded a copy yet, please grab yours! We always appreciate an honest review on Amazon about our publications. It helps a lot, and we are grateful!
To your success,