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Unemployment High, Stock Market Strong

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Mar 9, 2023

Dear Traders,

I am writing these words to you from the UAE, where I have had two really nice trading days on TSLA. I do apologize for a mic issue that my PC is having, as my voice could not be properly heard in the chatroom. Paras and I both made some great trades on TSLA, and I discussed our trades in today’s recap.

The market opened strong today, but the optimism did not last long. A fall in the banks’ stocks gained steam and caused a significant sell-off. As a result, the market sold off throughout the day.

What sets our community apart from everyone else is our strong focus on mentorship. We have our regular Thursday Mentorship session with Thor at 8pm ET tonight. Over 100 traders usually attend his session. I hope every member can benefit from Thor’s wisdom and knowledge.

I will be in Switzerland this weekend, and I am hosting a meetup with a few traders on Sunday. If you are around, please join us and RSVP here. I hope to see many of you in Z√ľrich, Switzerland. Let me know if you are attending by simply replying to this email or you can RSVP in the Forums. The place is TBD.

To your success,

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