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Up, Up, Up to end January!

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Jan 31, 2022

Dear Traders,

What a January! I never thought I would miss 2021, but I certainly did – until last week that is. Friday, before the Close, we experienced a big rally with all indexes closing green for the week (except for the growth sector represented by IWM). Today, the market tested the low of the day and the previous day’s close, and then ripped higher. As I am writing this newsletter, all indexes are strong. Are we in RISK ON mode once again?

Last week’s beaten up stocks such as TSLA, HOOD, and NFLX are all up almost 10%. Yeaaaay!!!!

Brian and I made some amazing trades on TSLA, NVDA, and TQQQ. You can watch our recap here.

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To your success,

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