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US Economy Slowing Down

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
May 1, 2023

Dear Traders,

In the past few days, I have learned so many lessons from Mother Nature, and I have had the opportunity to reflect much on my life. Camping at Mera Peak, beside the icefalls, has been a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Looking at the campsite, you can see that we are at the edge of the mountains, and you can also observe how fragile life is. Accordingly, why not take some chances and live your life the way you would like to? Being on the mountain is very similar to trading. It is all about mitigating and managing risk. For me, hiking serves my soul. 

Yesterday, we had the first quarter GDP number come out, showing that the economy has slowed down tremendously. The US economy only grew at a 1.1% annualized rate, below the 2% forecast. The economy is therefore slowing down, which makes the job much easier for the Fed in their fight against inflation. The market loved the news and it has now been up two days in a row! April was a pretty solid month for all indices except for small caps (which are lagging due to the regional banks’ debacle).

Thor and Brian made another great recap today. Thor executed an excellent trade on Tesla and was stopped out right before a major move up on Tesla. In this recap, Thor shows why it is important to be a disciplined trader and get stopped out at break-even. He also shows how he uses Bookmap to take advantage of both the order book and the liquidity in the market. Please make sure to watch this recap and ask your questions in the comments section.

We have started to once again email out weekly trading replay homework. Every weekend, Aiman will send all Trading Terminal subscribers an email with trading opportunities from the previous week along with clear setups. You can use the free Trading Terminal replay tool to find these trades and practice them. This is a perfect way for you to practice your trading strategies without paying for an additional tool. Make sure to create a Trading Terminal account in order to not just receive these emails but to also utilize all the tools being offered on Trading Terminal. 

To your success,

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