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Vancouver Summit Wrap-up

By Andrew Aziz  |  
Andrew's Newsletter  |  
Apr 10, 2024

Dear traders,

Yesterday, we wrapped up our biggest summit ever with over 250 traders attending in Vancouver at the Paradox Hotel. I opened the event with my famous Everest suit and ended it with an unbelievable group photo! See my LinkedIn post and please connect with me if you are on the platform.

The number of participants were so many that when our photographer wanted to take the group photo at the end, he had to go all the way to the back of the ballroom to capture everyone! I hope he could get everyone in the shot because he didn’t have more space to go further!

This summit was a special one for me because it was the 8th anniversary of Bear Bull Traders and we had almost all the moderators and BBT team members with us.

I even asked a dear friend of mine to make us a delicious homemade birthday cake for BBT!

We wrapped up the first day of the event with music from an incredible live band, a book signing, and a social event. Our amazing guests from Ireland and the UK, Créde and Steven, attended the gala and socialized with our traders.

Second day was also full and eventful. I traded live with Brian and made $2,000 in front of 200 traders! You can see a short video of the event here.

On Saturday, we held a meet-and-greet with the current and upcoming PCT bootcamp mentees at our Vancouver office. Traders spent a few hours with the mentors to connect and meet them in person. Our next bootcamp is starting in May and I am so excited to see what the new group will accomplish. The last bootcamp was beyond belief! We had multiple traders make a profit and one trader, Steve, managed to earn $10,000! We handed off the cheque to his friend at the event.

Lastly, if you are interested in joining the BBT and PCT community, please take advantage of our limited-time Platinum offer now. At PCT, we spend a lot of 1-on-1 mentorship time with you. Since the mentors’ available time is limited, the available spots are only a few. With the Platinum membership, you will instantly start your BBT membership and can choose when to start your PCT bootcamp. If you already have a BBT membership, we will add one year to your membership so you can still take advantage of this offer.
Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from the event.

To your success,