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War in Ukraine, Again? / Probabilities Webinar Tonight

By Andrew Aziz  |  
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Feb 16, 2022

Dear Traders,

The Russians did not attack, oh wait, they will, not now, but later on Wednesday, perhaps. The Russian troops have left, or have they, it looks like they are making a U-turn, who knows, only Putin knows, maybe. I assume that you must be frustrated. Virtually everyone, whether they are a trader or not, is confused about what is happening in Eastern Europe. As I am writing this, the market has lost a good portion of what it made yesterday. We are certainly in choppy and volatile times.

Today, I made a nice bounce on TQQQ, and did two break-even trades on RBLX and UPST. Roblox reported earnings on Tuesday, but I am sure they did not have to. RBLX got destroyed in after-hours trading and again today due to their reported losses of $0.25 per share adjusted (analysts expected a loss of $0.13). You can watch the recap that Brian and I posted here.

Thor presented an amazing Tuesday Strategy webinar yesterday on tape reading. The recording is available in our Education Center for Elite members. Tonight, for Wednesday Psychology, Mike is leading a webinar titled: Probabilities Part 1: Making the Change – Focusing on the Process Instead of the Outcome. It starts at 8pm ET.

I hope I will see you all in tonight’s webinar, if not in the chatroom.

As ever, you can reach out to me at [email protected] or simply reply to this email.

To your success,

PS1: No matter where you are on the learning curve of trading, there is truth in the adage that practice makes perfect. I thus urge you to make good use of our free Market Replay tool. It is conveniently available whenever you are, 24/7. You will find it at

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