Welcome Mike, and Success Webinar: Intro to Day Trading Options

Dear BBT Family,

We invite all of you to join the next event in our weekly Success Webinar Series scheduled for Wednesday Jan 29, 2020 at 8 pm EST. The seminar is entitled “An Intro to Day Trading Options” and will be presented by Andrew and our very own member, Nas. Nas has traded with our community for quite some time. Although he still trades equities at the Open, he has also learned the benefits and advantages of day trading options which include more tightly controlled risk and an overall more efficient use of buying power. He shared his approach to day trading options (and impressive results!) with some of our members, and many found it very interesting. We accordingly asked him to kindly share his strategies with the entire community. As always, the Webinar will be recorded and available for later viewing in the Media Center.

Nas and Andrew in Toronto. Thanks Nas for giving Andrew a ride!

Community is a powerful tool. In recent years, social epistemology theory, which construes human knowledge as a collective achievement, has received significant attention. Any group of people who share discourse, a set of values, and effective communication of their goals can attain a higher and more efficient level of knowledge. Bear Bull Traders is a community of serious traders and we believe in its powerful collective knowledge. Last week’s Success Webinar was an excellent example of our collective knowledge in action. An entirely new venture, www.Chartlog.io, was born because community members worked together to identify better solutions to their trading needs. All of us now benefit.

Speaking of the community, let us all welcome Mike Baehr as one of our moderators and key members. Sergeant Major Baehr recently retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after twenty-three years of service. His retirement ceremony took place a few weeks ago in San Diego, with our very own Carlos in attendance (see picture below).

Mike has been a BBT member for a few years. The story of how he found our community is an interesting one. In his own words:

“I was touring our workspaces and visiting Marines while deployed to the Middle East, when I noticed Andrew’s book sitting on a makeshift table in the middle of the work tent. I picked it up, browsed through it and asked to borrow it for the night. I ended up reading the first 4 chapters that night and ordering another copy on Amazon, so I could finish it. I did some research and by March I was a lifetime member attending classes at 2:00am, watching the open, sim trading, and well the rest is history, as I am now trading full time as a part of my life, but not my whole life. Family will always come first from now on.”

Mike’s résumé is very impressive and we are honored to have him in our community. With his experience teaching leadership for the U.S. military, we are excited to see how Mike can be a mentor and a leader in developing BBT’s curriculum for trading discipline and performance improvement. Stay tuned for his new course modules!

Congratulations Mike on your retirement. Thank you for your service, and thank you for being a part of Bear Bull Traders!

To your success,
Bear Bull Traders!

P.S.: This Thursday, January 30th, please join us for a YouTube Live Ask Me Anything with Thor and Peter. It has been a while since we have done one, so we hope you enjoy it!
P.P.S.: Trade Ideas is running a test drive for $8.99 for two-weeks from Feb 3-14th, 2020. Check them out if you are interested here.