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Upcoming Psychology Webinar

Why Can’t I Stick to my Rules When I Get in the Trade?

Date & Time: Wednesday April 24, 2024 —   8:00 pm  ET  
Presented by:  Rande Howell

What happens to your trading mind when you get in a trade? Before that moment, you planned your trade logically. And now you are ready to trade your plan. It seems so simple and doable that, yes, “even a Caveman could do it”. Then you get in. Suddenly, logic flies out the door and emotions erupt. And your emotional Caveman Brain ambushes the rational trader who was going to trade his plan. After the fog clears, you wonder, “What just happened?”. Clearly your trading mind was not prepared for this most critical of moments – when you have skin in the game, the rules change. Join trader psychologist Rande Howell for this webinar to learn how to establish emotional control of the mind you bring into this particular moment.